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Most recent work

Milo and the Magpies

'Milo and the Magpies' is a point and click game telling a story of the little cat Milo who goes from garden to garden meeting all different kinds of people and animals. Milo gets a glimps of the people living in their houses and discovers that the appearance of a garden tells a lot about the people who live there. It started off as a little game or animated story, but over time the project grew bigger and more people got involved. I made the story and animations, and hand-painted the backgrounds. A part of the animations, especially the movements of the cat are done by the artist Barthel Brussee.

At the final stage I got a lot of help from programmer Jeroen Wimmers who made the game more professional and suitable for Android. The team of the popular Rusty Lake games series decided to published this game as a premium game in their company 'The Second Maze' , which is a platform for special art games.
In the final stage the composer Victor Butzelaar made a beautiful soundtrack which attributes a lot to the atmosphere.

Click on the button to go to the game!

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eerste tuin.jpg
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