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Welcome to the Templates Store.

Here you can download and buy the templates I use to create my paper models.

There are two types of templates: free templates, which you can download in PDF or JPG format, and paid templates, which you can buy using paypal. The models are not sent automatically after the payment, I sent them myself using wetransfer.com. You will receive an email with a link to download the model usually within 12 hours.  

The models are intended for personal use only, reproduction or distribution on the internet is not allowed.

Click 'view' to see more images of the model, read about the model, or watch a video tutorial. Any questions?  At the page FAQ you will find more information about printing, assembling and presenting the models. For other questions you can always contact me.

Free Templates

Long-tailed Tit

The Long-tailed Tit. A cute bird with colours in black, white and pink. The head can be glued in any position. Instructions on youtube.


Drie staartmezen 1.jpg


This model of the Ruby-throated hummingbird is very small and challenging to make, so a larger template for practise is also included.


The Wren

This model consists of two templates: the bird and the mount. Click "view" to download the model and watch a tutorial!

The hatching Deinonychus 

A hatching Deinonychus.


The Firecrest is also available in a more detailed JPEG download. To view the different formats, download the branch and box, or watch a video tutorial, click "view".


The Kingfisher is also available in a more detailed JPEG download. To view the formats, download the branch, or watch a video, click "view".

Female Superb Bird-of-Paradise

The female Superb Bird-of-Paradise is the one on the left. To create the two-bird set-up, scroll down to find the male in the paid templates, or click here.

Swimming Seahorse

A fun and easy template, also great for kids. If you hang it above a radiator it will spin endlessly. Click "view" to view a video and download the instructions.

Hall of Fame

Did you do something special or creative with my paper birds? 

Or perhaps you made your own design! Then send me a photo and maybe you're work will be shown in the Hall of Fame! Click here to view the Hall of Fame. 

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You can also buy assembled models! Click here to visit the 'models' page to take a look.


Paid Templates



During the spring in marshy areas we have a chance to witness the courting flight of the beautiful Bluethroat. Click "view" to see

what the kit contains.

Price: 7.00 €



The fascinating Wryneck, interesting for its behaviour and remarkable plumage.

Click "view" to see what the kit contains.

Price: 6.00 €


1210 Animals automaton

I made a building plan of the automaton

‘1210 animals’. This kit is intended for crafters with experience in making automata, toy-making or other woodcraft.

Click "view" for details.

Price: 10.- € 



An elegant model of the popular Robin. Click "view" to see what the kit contains. 

Price: 5.00 €


Laughing Kookaburra

The Laughing Kookaburra is famous for its call, which sounds like loud laughter. Click "view" to see what the kit contains. 

Price: 7.00 €

Collared Flycatcher

Harmony in black and white.

Click "view" to see what the kit contains. 

Price: 7.00 €

Flying Goldfinch

The bird is strikingly colourful with its mixture of red, black, white and yellow. Click "view" to see what the kit contains.

Price: 7.00 €



 The red-brown plumage with the black and white squares, and the colourfull crest make this bird a striking appearance.

Price: 8.00 €


Scops Owl

The Scops owl (Otus scops) is a small owl species commonly found in Southern and Eastern Europe. This model also has an instructional video.

Price: 5.00 €


The Microceratops or Microceratus is one of the smaller dinosaurs, and the model shows the dinosaur lifesize: 60 cm in lenght. 

Price: 5.00 €

Male Superb Bird-of-Paradise

The male is the 'superb' bird on the right.   To create the male, click on 'View', Scroll up to find the female in the free templates, or click here.

Price: 7.00 €

Little Bee-eaters

The model consists of three little bee-eaters perched side by side. Click "view" to read more about bee-eaters or buy the model.

Price: 5.00 €

Boxfish (yellow)

Yellow Boxfish.

Instructions in Dutch language only.

Click "view" for details.

Price: 2.- € per fish

Boxfish (green)

Green Boxfish.

Instructions in Dutch language only.

Click "view" for details.

Price: 2.- € per fish

Boxfish (brown)

Brown Boxfish.

Instructions in Dutch language only.

Click "view" for details.

Price: 2.- € per fish

"Paper Birds" Kit

A kit with four American birds to make from paper, currently for sale in online bookstores (incl. Amazon and Bol.com) and Barnes & Nobles. 


Download the free standing mounts:

Mount Goldfinch

* Mount Cardinal

Mount Bluebird

Instructions free standing mount

Watch on youtube how to make the Bluebird & the Nuthatch.



On warm summer days in the countryside, the Yellowhammer is one of the few birds that can still be heard.

Price: 6.00 €

geelgors 3.jpg