Still Lifes

For a number of still lifes, my paper bird models (see 'papercraft') served as a source of inspiration. In these still lifes I played with the concepts of spatiality and flatness present in these cardboard models. The paper birds are shown in their various states of development, as well as disintegration.


Still Life with Crumpled Paper


In this still life I emphasised the paper character of the birds. I wrinkled some of the birds in order  to create new forms, shadows, and colours.

Still Life on Yellow Paper

A study in painting different textures, but also a study in light and shadow.


Still Life with Brambling


This is a rather complex still life, for it combines paper birds, a real bird (the brambling), rusty wire-netting, and organic elements such as the leaves and wood, all in a 'Dick Ket' like composition.


Still Life with Garlic

A still life painted in the style of Henk Helmantel, a Dutch realist painter. This still life was a good exercise in painting different kinds of textures.

Still Life with Bullfinch

Still Life with Red Box

A rather classical still life, except for the rip in the paper, accidently resembling a man leaning backwards.

Still Life with shells.

Still Life Paper Birds on Table

Box with Paper Birds

A simple cardboard box seen from above, and filled with some of the paper birds I made. Some of the birds are wrinkled, unfinished or have fallen apart, thus creating new and interesting forms and colours.

Composition with papercraft

Natuurstilleven met ijsvogel

Dit natuurstilleven maakte ik aan de hand van een opstelling van in de natuur gevonden elementen, zoals takken, bladeren en stenen. Ik maakte zelfs een kleine vijver voor de gelegenheid. Klik op de foto om de opstelling in detail te bekijken.

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